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Town located at the beginning of the hills that connect the plan to the Apuane Alps and that becomes border of the territory of the municipality at north-east. At the north side it borders with Seravezza and Forte dei Marmi, at south-east with Camaiore, and at west there is the tyrrenian sea. It is crossed by the national road Sarzanese-Valdera and delimited by the National road Aurelia. It is at 3km from Seravezza, 7 from Forte dei Marmi, 8 from Camaiore. It is connected directly, by bus lines, with Seravezza, Forte dei Marmi, Camaiore, Viareggio and Lucca. It has a railway station on the Genova/Roma line. The territory is crossed by the A12 highway, having there the "Versilia" exit. From the centre depart two roads that connect it with the villages beside, there are several paths, today mostly abbandoned, for excursions on the hills. The town belongs to the category of "Foundation towns" built around the XIII century in typical rectangular shape. The town is dominated by the Rocca di Sala, to which are connected a defensive system of walls which is still preserved. The historic centre of the town, with 4.000 inhabitants, has an economy based on the commerce and in particular by several craft shops for the artistic carving of the marble. The origin of the name comes from his founder, mayor of Lucca, Guiscardo from Pietrasanta.
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